Paruresis CBT video series

Hi All
I used to be a counsellor. During the lockdown I wanted to do something worthwhile with my time so I started making animated you tube videos about how to use CBT to treat anxiety disorders.
As someone who struggled with paruresis in the past I thought I should do a series on the subject. I have almost completed the series which includes basics of how paruresis works, dealing with negative thoughts, safety behaviours, behavioural experiments and desensitisation.
When I have completed them I will make them private and post a link here so only members of UKPT can view them. I would love some feedback before I decide whether to release them for everyone to be able to see on you tube.


#1219 by Anonymous

HI Martin

Give us a week or so to look at the videos and then we will get back to you. Nothing heavy about this, just good practice.



#1235 by andrew
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