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Shy Bladder Syndrome

George D. Zgourides, Joseph Himle, Steven Soifer

In the book, among other topics, Dr. Soifer describes a practice called desensitisation, or graduated exposure therapy. It is a process through which you learn to gradually expose yourself to (rather than AVOID) situations in which you cannot urinate. Considered the definitive book on the subject.
ISBN: 1572242272

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Curing Phobias, Shyness & Obsessive Compulsive Disorders 

Dr. Howard Liebgold

Also referred to as Phobease.This offers practical advice in treating social phobias, including paruresis. He also teaches classes and is a member of the IPA Advisory Board.

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Not Your Normal Family

Fiona Barrington

An autobiographical account of the difficulties of growing up and living as an undiagnosed Asperger Syndrome woman; Fiona also suffered from shy bladder until receiving therapy in her late teens. She went on to gain fulfilment by adopting two Down’s Syndrome boys. An inspirational read.

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Bathrooms Make Me Nervous

A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety (Shy Bladder)
Carol Olmert

"For more than 40 years, I suffered from a severe case. Almost every waking moment my attention was focused on everyday rituals - the when, where, how and whether I could urinate that day and the consequences of not being able to do so. When am I going to find that next safe bathroom? If I'm thirsty, can I risk drinking something now? As a result, I missed out on all kinds of life-affirming activities and opportunities. In short, my condition ran my life - it defined who I was to a large degree - and I felt very alone and isolated because of it. After many years of struggle, I have now completely recovered. As a result, my life has changed in many positive ways. I want to share my long journey with you through this book. In it I provide female and male paruretics - and those who treat and support them - with the wisdom that I and others have gained from our personal experiences with this condition."

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I'm OK You're OK

Thomas A Harris
ISBN: 0099552418

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TA Today : A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis

Ian Stewart, Vann Joines 
ISBN: 1870244001

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RD Laing 
ISBN: 03494717767

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Do You Love Me?

RD Laing 
ISBN: 0140040870

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Laughter Therapy

Annette Goodheart 
ISBN: 0936941057

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Brain Lock

Jeffrey Schwartz 
ISBN: 0060987111

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