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My success with Tamsulosin

Hi, I have been suffering with paruresis all my life. A few months ago I started to have severe difficulty peeing at home rather than in public places. To cut a long story short, to help me manage it I was referred to a urology nurse who showed me how to use catheters and gave me a supply of them. However at some point I had an appointment with a urologist who said my prostate was very slightly enlarged so he prescribed Tamsulosin. This is a drug which targets certain muscles and relaxes them. I am now able to pee normally and, even if I get nervous going, I never once have difficulty no matter where I am. I even committed the sin of trying to squeeze one out before going to the shops. Although I was there for longer than usual I still had all the right feelings I needed to pee. A few times in public toilets I have got a little nervous but I can now pee with no difficulty. I do not think a doctor would prescribe this for someone who has Paruresis, but I was convinced that my problem was my Paruresis getting out of control and not a problem with my prostate. However the drug has not only relaxed my prostate but it has also taken away that strange feeling I have when I am nervous about going for a pee. I am 55 so I am in the right demographic for prostate problems. So if anyone here has had a situation where the problem has become out of control suddenly, it could be time to get your prostate checked because this could be compounding the problem and you may be just putting it down to the Paruresis.

#1365 by Garry

Hi Garry
Thanks for your posting. It is always helpful to have real life examples fo what works and why. Do you have to take it regularly for ever now? And are there any side effects mentioned in the medication's leaflet?
BTW I googled it and found it was spelt differently, so edited your post.

#1366 by andrew
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